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Nov 212012

by Habib Ur Rehman

© media4us / foto: Ursula Meisinger-Reiter – Beitrag aus dem Fotowettbewerb “Zeig’s uns!”

“Papa, have you noticed everywhere is so clean and there is no noise pollution (traffic horns) here, how?” Nofil, a 5 year old boy, asked this question to his father after spending just a few days in Germany.

Nofil arrived in Germany in 2011 after leaving his country with his family. He was accompanied by his father, mother and an elder sister. He belongs to a lower middle class family of Karachi, the financial hub and the biggest and port city of Pakistan. Nofil started his kindergarten classes very soon but he was a little bit nervous at the beginning as he was unable to understand and speak the German language. With the help of teachers and atmosphere provided at his kindergarten he got adjusted within a couple of weeks.

Since he arrived in Germany he had become more active and sometimes his parents observed as if he likes spending more time in kindergarten rather than spending time at home. After having a wonderful environment at kindergarten he started speaking German within months and after one year he is now fluent in Deutsch.

Nofil was provided with every possible facility at kindergarten. He used to play football, go swimming, to picnics etc. On the other hand, he has completed his vaccination course within the due time frame. This is an example of a boy, having an immigrant background, who is being provided with the best education, health and other facilities.

The thing mentioned above may not be new for those living in Europe but such things are surprising for those coming from a developing or third world country. Because in many third world or developing countries health and education, in the public sector, are in the worst condition. Better education and health facilities are provided in the private sector which common people cannot afford.

In my personal experience (one may not agree) equality, in every field including justice, social welfare, gender issues, human rights etc, is the milestone that ranks Germany very high amongst the other countries of the world. Mesut Özil and Jerome Boateng, the key players of the German national football team, are the examples of equality in German society.

Every person in this world has talent but it is the opportunity that makes an Özil or a Boateng. Now it is time for children with an immigrant background to concentrate on their studies and acquire skills to achieve their desires and goals.

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